Year: 2015

Dec - 02

Four Gift Rule

Have you heard of the Four Gift Rule for Kids at Christmas??? Get one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing they wear and one thing they read.

Nov - 26

Winter Table

With the temperature dropping & flurries in the air, we decided to update our Seasonal Table to all things Winter.  You will now find Winter stories for the Preschool to…

Nov - 04

Our Updated Autumn Table

With Halloween over, and Remembrance Day just around the corner, we’ve updated our Autumn Table. All Halloween/Scary books have been replaced with all things Remembrance Day, War, and Military; so come…

Sep - 22

Autumn Table

I just updated our Seasonal Table to all things Autumn, Halloween & Scary.  The table includes books for the preschooler to the Adult.

Sep - 21

Thanksgiving Cookbook Sale

3 days until Thanksgiving. Tired of cooking the same thing every year? Or are you hosting the big event for the first time? Or just wanting to try something new?…

Sep - 17

We have a New Table!!!

The next time you enter our store- you will notice a new table right in front. This table is full of Nova Scotia Authors. Some are born & bred Bluenosers.…

Sep - 03

First Day Of School Has Arrived

Good morning from the staff at Dartmouth Book Exchange. For those of you with school-aged kids… congratulations for getting them out the door with their lunches & backpacks stuffed full…

Aug - 16

“Blind Date with a Book”

The books on our “Blind Date with a Book” table are all bestsellers from all over the store, written by both female & male Authors, there is a wide variety…