Month: April 2016

Apr - 29

Historical Romance Section

Do you enjoy reading romance novels in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past? ¬†Well, we have a large section in our store that is…

Apr - 22

Our Spring Table

It’s such a beautiful Spring Day, & Sue did such a great job on our Gardening Gift Bag, as well as the Spring Seasonal Table, I thought I’d share an…

Apr - 13

Hi! Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Tedd Arnold won the Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor Award for his book “Hi! Fly Guy”, which is the first in a series of funny and silly books featuring Buzz and…

Apr - 07

Beverly Cleary turns 100

Beverly Cleary turns 100 years old Tuesday, April 12th & it’s the perfect time to Celebrate & read one of her books or series to your child/ren. ¬†From the adventures…

Apr - 06

A Cat In The Hat Snack

This afternoon you could read Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat In The Hat” with your Kids/Grandkids and have this fun & nutritious Cat In The Hat snack. You just need Grapes,…