Store Policy

Bringing in Books for Credit:

We give up to $1.50 in credit for current Mass Market Paperbacks, and up to $3.00 in credit for Trade Paperbacks (larger softcovers) and Hardcovers.
We check for condition, format and number of copies on hand.  Generally we look for newer current books that are in very good condition (
i.e. free of: rips, stains, cracked spines, water damage, mustiness, mildew or any bad odors). Please understand that we only take books we can use. This is a guideline and we may offer more or less for a book depending on its condition.

*** We ask that when you bring in large number of books, more than what fits in a plastic bag, for credit or cash, that you do not bring them in on Saturdays.  Saturdays tend to busy, going through books takes time and causes backups.  Should you have a large number of books, expect to be asked to label your bags or boxes with your name and number and leave them so that a staff can go through them during a slower time and get back to you.  Thanks for your cooperation. 

Using Your Book Credits:

When you are ready to purchase books you can apply up to fifty percent (50%) in book credits towards your purchase. For instance if your purchase comes to $50.00 before tax you can apply up to $25.00 in book credits. If you purchase $10.00 before tax you can apply up to $5.00 in book credits and so on. All unused book credits will be kept on file in our system to be used at another visit.

Book credits never expire and will remain on file in our system until fully used.

Note: Some Local & Collectible Books and any special sale items (like ‘Blind Dates’ or 10 for $10.00 discount books) may be exempt from Credit use

*Book Credits can only be used on Books.  They cannot be used on baskets, bookmarks or tote bags.  Blind Date books and 10 for $10.00 discounts are already set a specialty rate and are exempt from Credit use.

Bringing In Books To Sell:

The store owner handles all Cash Purchases of books. Please always call ahead before bringing books in for cash.

Attention Classroom Teachers & Home School Teachers:

Looking for books to fill out your classroom library???  We give teachers 10% off their classroom purchases of under $50, 15% off their classroom purchases of over $50 to $75, 20% off their classroom purchases of $75-$100 and $25% off their classroom purchases of over $100- 

***All purchases are before taxes.  ID must be presented.  Cannot be combined with book credits or any other deals or sales.  Excludes new books.


We do ship books.

  • Postal code is required to get an accurate shipping estimate from Canada Post. 
  • Tracking number & receipt will be e-mailed to you once mailed.

We accept debit, credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), E-Transfers and cash.