Dartmouth Book Exchange


Online Facebook Spotlights and In-store Events


February 20th-26th- Janet Dorey’s At the Drop of a Tomato

February 26th-March 3rd- Parker “P.K.” Keddy’s This is Parker and Night At The Cabin

March 18-24th- CP Daly’s Thriller Bloody Water

Wednesday, March 20th- 6:30 pm-7:30 pm- Locally Authored Book Club Meeting

Wednesday, April 17th– 6:30 pm-7:30 pm- Locally Authored Book Club Meeting

Saturday, April 20th- 5:45 pm-8:00 pm- Not A Snow Day, But A Crow Day Corvid Tea With Guests Vernon Oickle, Nicola Davison, and Cindy Campbell-Stone. We will be serving Edgar Allan Poe’s Nevermore Buttered Rum Black Tea. Tea will be served from 5:45 pm to 6 pm, followed by the event.

April 27- Independent Bookstore Day

Children’s Book Week- first week in May

We are currently limiting all our in-store author or book-themed events to:

  • Already well-known, established authors that we know will draw a crowd and be of interest to our local customers.
  • Or to group, themed events, where we host several authors at once.
  • Or to community groups that are interested in us hosting a particular author or themed event for their group to attend.

We do offer week-long online spotlights and book giveaway for local authors

What a Spotlight entails:

What a spotlight entails is for a week (Monday- Sunday) we do posts on our Facebook page promoting the author and book. At the end of the week, we give away a copy of the book spotlighted, provided by either the author or the publisher. The authors, in advance, provide me with any interviews, reviews, or special posts about their book or of them, that I can share. The more the author/publisher provides the more that I can post.

Dartmouth Book Exchange Events Group

Authors, bloggers, aspiring authors, reviewers, publishers, editors, professional storytellers, and other supporters of local authors are more than welcome to join our Book Events group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/899347560587433

***If you are a Local Author/ Publisher interested in having an online spotlight done on our social media pages, please contact us on our contact page. Thank-you

Our Locally Authored Book Club Exchange

We generally meet on the third Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

• Each participant will bring a locally authored novel that they have recently read and can part with. Locally authored will be defined as an author living within the Atlantic Bubble.
• During the meeting, each person will take a turn telling everyone what they liked about the book they brought and why the others should read it.
• Each book will go into a basket and at the end of the meeting, if a book sparked your interest, you’ll be able to take it home to read.
• If there is more than one person interested in reading the book, it will be brought back to the next meeting, for another person’s turn.
• We may even host an author occasionally and Dartmouth Book Exchange may even seed the basket once in a while.
• All are welcome to come and listen during the meetings, but only the people who brought a book will be guaranteed to leave with a book. 

Our Book Club aims to promote local authors, their books, and the writing of reviews. #supportlocalauthors’