Online Facebook Spotlights and In-store Events


January 18th- 6:30pm-7:30- Locally Authored Book Club Exchange Meeting

Wednesday, February 1st– World Read Aloud Day

February 15th-6:30pm-7:30pm- Locally Authored Book Club Exchange Meeting

February 21st- 27th- Marcia Barss 

March 15th- 6:30-7:30pm- Locally Authored Book Club Exchange Meeting

Sunday, April 2nd– International Children’s Book Day

***If you are a Local Author/ Publisher interested in having an online spotlight done on our social media pages, please contact us on our contact page. Thank-you


Our Locally Authored Book Club Exchange

We generally meet on the third Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

• Each participant will bring a locally authored novel that they have recently read and can part with. Locally authored will be defined as an author living within the Atlantic Bubble.
• During the meeting, each person will take a turn telling everyone what they liked about the book they brought and why the others should read it.
• Each book will go into a basket and at the end of the meeting, if a book sparked your interest, you’ll be able to take it home to read.
• If there is more than one person interested in reading the book, it will be brought back to the next meeting, for another person’s turn.
• We may even host an author occasionally and Dartmouth Book Exchange may even seed the basket once in a while.
• All are welcome to come and listen during the meetings, but only the people who brought a book will be guaranteed to leave with a book. Members are asked to wear a mask.

Our Book Club aims to promote local authors, their books and the writing of reviews. #supportlocalauthors