We are open and are following the following safety protocols:

Hand sanitizer is being provided at the entrance & the exit to the store and at the counter- please use them.

We now have a designated entrance and exit to the store

Only one person at the counter at a time while checking out. While waiting for your turn, we ask that you stand behind the red tape on the floor.

Please respect other shopper’s personal spaces while shopping, and follow the 6 feet/ 2 meter social distancing rule

The province has announced that as of July 31st wearing masks are mandatory in indoor public places. Please remember to bring your mask when you shop with us and wear them properly. 

We have low foot traffic, but we will limit the number of customers to no more than 8 people (25% capacity) in the store at a time. Only 1 family in the children’s room at a time. Only 1 person in the discount room at a time. If the door is locked then we are at capacity and ask that you wait in your car until someone leaves and the door unlocks.

We offer curbside pick-up on advance purchases and have delivered within HRM. We also ship orders.

In following healthy social distancing practices, we will be delaying all of our in-store events until further notice.

Yes- we are still taking in books for credit from Sunday to Thursdays only. Please see our policy page for more information on bringing in books.

*If you have traveled or been in contact with anyone who has traveled outside Nova Scotia in the past 14 days please self-isolate

Thank-you for your cooperation in our efforts to keep our employees and customers safe.

Updated December 31st- 2020


10 of the Best/Most Common Overheard  Comments in our Store.

Seasoned customers regularly catch my eye with a smile when they overhear some of the comments made by new customers on their first visit to the store. We never tire of hearing these!

1- It’s much bigger than I expected from the outside!

2- Boy do they ever have a lot of books!
3- I could spend all day in here!
4- I can’t believe how organized it is!
5- Check it out, they have Blind Dates with Books! Fun!!
6- Wait, they have all their books on a database?

7- This has just become my happy place!
8- I can’t believe how good the conditions are of the books!
9- This is a real hidden treasure trove for book lovers!

10- I will definitely be back!



Bus Routes


Hours of Operation: 

Monday – Friday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday:  10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Please Note: On Storm Days or Holidays, we may have reduced hours or not open at all.

The following Holidays we remain closed: New Years’ Day, Heritage Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The following Holidays we have reduced hours: Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Natal Day, Christmas Eve and the week between Christmas and New Year’s including New Year’s Eve.  We post our hours for these days the week prior to the date.

Please see our blog page for up-to-date information or visit us on our Facebook Page or Twitter Feed.