Year: 2015

Jul - 06

British Authors

Did you know we have a section in our Bookstore devoted to British Authors??? In this section you will find Authors such as Josephine Cox, Helen Forrester, Erica James, Marcia…

Jun - 18

Seasonal Table

I just updated our “Seasonal Table” from Spring To Summer.  On this table you will find all sorts of Summer & Beach reads.

Jun - 14

First In A Series Baskets

Looking to start a new series???  We now have baskets containing 1st books in a series for Fiction, Berkley Crime, Paranormal, Contemporary & Historical Romance.

May - 02

Baby Showers

A customer that had been invited to a Baby Shower came in Thursday.  She was asked to not buy a card, but to buy a Children’s Book and sign it instead.…

Mar - 27

Attention Jane Austen Lovers

Did you know we have a Jane Austen Book Lover’s section? In this section you will find everything from Jane Austen’s books, to books that have a Jane Austen theme…

Feb - 14


We may have reduced hours or be closed all together during a snowstorm. If it is snowing, please call ahead to make sure we are open before making the trip.

Feb - 12

Discounted Paperbacks

Did you know that we have over 1,300 discounted paperbacks in the store priced at $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00???  These books include:  Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Historical Romance, Berkley…