Looking for a book or author???

Jan - 19

Looking for a book or author???

Our books are on a searchable database- so if you have a book or author you are looking for, just ask our friendly staff and they will do a search for you.


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    1. Hi Lee, We currently only have a used copy of Tsunami in stock. Let us know if you would like it on hold. Thanks, Amy

    1. Unfortunately, we do not have any of Colleen Hoover’s books and we have waitlists for many of her titles. Thanks for checking with us. Sue

  1. Was wondering if you have the following books.

    Tami Hoag

    Dark Horse
    Still Waters
    Cry Wolf
    Dark Paradise

    Mary Barton

    I’m watching you
    Dead Ringer
    Before she dies
    the 7th victim
    No Escape
    You’re not safe
    Cover your Eyes
    Be Afraid
    I’ll Never Let you go
    Hide and Seek
    I see You
    Never Look Back
    Burn you twice
    Near you
    In Dark Waters
    The Arsonist
    Wise Moves
    Cold Case Cop
    The Last Move
    Her Last Word
    Cut and Run
    Don’t Look now
    The Lies i told you

    1. We have discount copies of all the Tami Hoag titles that you are looking for. They are $2- each 3 for $5-. We have Mary Burton’s You’re Not Safe in paperback for $6-and Dead Ringer for $4-. We have Merciless in discount for $2-. I can hold them behind the counter for you for 1 week. Sue

  2. Do You have The Marsh Kings Daughter? if so how many copies, paperback or hardcover and cost of each.. THank you

    1. Too funny. Two of your book club members were in this morning. The first one L.M. bought our only copy. Thanks for checking with us. Sue

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