The Girl Who Could Fly by Ian Roy

This week’s spotlight is on Ian Roy and his new middle-grade novel ‘The Girl Who Could Fly’ published by Trap Door books an imprint of Nevermore Press. For a chance to win a copy of his book, see our pinned post on Facebook. The draw will take place Sunday, May 30th.

“A 400-year-old book of dark spells, a mysterious vial of volcanic ash and a late grandfather’s World War II secret, lead to the kidnapping of twelve-year-old Olive Hanson from her home just outside of Halifax. Spirited away to a remote island off the coast of Iceland by the nefarious Mr. Guōmondsson, Olive must unlock the secret before it’s too late. But she does have one powerful weapon on her side—she can fly.”

“The storm would not let up. Gale force winds, twenty-foot swells breaking over the ship’s decks, hail ricocheting off every surface.”Sometimes after you’ve read the first sentences in a book you just know you are in for an action-packed thrilling adventure. Ian Roy’s debut middle-grade novel, The Girl Who Could Fly, did not disappoint. Filled with suspenseful, page-turning, short chapters, this novel is perfect for reading aloud or reading silently. I liked how Ian added extra little tidbits that would interest middle-graders about Iceland, such as the fact that NASA crews went there to train for moon landings because of its landscape.12-year-old Olive and even her friend Con face some pretty difficult and sometimes unique challenges in this book that will keep readers interested until the very end. Sue Slade Goodreads March 2021

Ian Roy reading an excerpt
The Girl Who Could Fly Trailer

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