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In February 2021, Dartmouth Book Exchange started a book club. A book club like no other. There is no set genre, everybody doesn’t read the same book, and in fact, everyone brings a different book. The only criteria is that the book needs to be written by a local author, meaning that they live in Atlantic Canada. During the meeting, we take turns talking about the book we brought and why the others should read it. In essence, we are reviewing it. After stating why we liked the book, it is placed into a basket, and at the end of the meeting, everyone gets the chance to pick a book out of the basket to take home to read. Most nights there are several genres in the basket including young adult, romance, fiction, fantasy, or even historical fiction. When all is said and done, these meetings have turned into very enjoyable evenings spent talking about local books.

August 2022 with Authors Lana Shupe and Mark Shupe.
September 2022 with Author Bruce Bishop

Over the past 2 years, we have hosted several local authors. Authors are always welcome to come and present their book(s) during a meeting. But beware, our meetings are so unique and fun that several have joined our club.

Author Donna Alward
Author & Publisher Anne Louise O’Connell
Author L.P Suzanne Atkinson
Author C.P Daly
Author and Publisher Tim Covell
Author and Publisher Aren A. Morris

We have had books donated to us by authors and even publishers to read and present at our meetings. Nimbus Publishing has even made it a practice to donate an ARC to each of our members at Christmas which we wrap in brown paper packaging before they get them. (These are a few of our favourite things)

Christmas 2021
Thanks to Nimbus Publishing and Vagrant Press for donating the ARCs for the Brown Paper Packages for our Christmas Book Club meetings.
Christmas 2022

We usually meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and our membership fluctuates, but generally, we have 6-8 people at a meeting, with several others supporting us from home due to various health, and family issues.

• All are welcome to come and listen during the meetings, but only the people who brought a book will be guaranteed to leave with a book.

Our Book Club aims to promote local authors, their books, and the writing of reviews.  #supportlocalauthors

Author Tony Thomson
Author Jill MacLean
Author Michelle Wamboldt
Author Melanie Mosher
Author Michelle Helliwell

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  1. Great Book Club and always a fun evening! As a recent member, I’m so pleased that I’ve been introduced to so many local authors, new to me & that I would never have known about! Great job Sue 👏👏👏

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