Indigenous History Month

In celebration of Mi’kmaw language and culture, OC Publishing is giving away 14 copies of Nɨsqnanamuksit Sqolj – The Purple Frog written by Angela Jeffreys, translated into Mi’kmaw by Dr. Bernie Francis, right here at the Dartmouth Book Exchange. To get your free copy, while supplies last, just come visit us at the store during store hours and tell the staff person working: “I Love The Purple Frog”.

To hear Dr. Francis narrate the book in Mi’kmaw, visit the OC Publishing YouTube channel.

OC Publishing was established in 2016 by Anne Louise O’Connell – author, developmental editor & partner publisher.

Notice that it does contain the English text as well as the Mi’kmaw

Angela Jeffreys

Angela Jeffreys was born in the UK and moved to Canada as an infant. As her family moved around a lot, she was always the new kid – with glasses, so she was teased a lot. As a result, she became a loner. Books and her imagination became her best friends. She read voraciously and imagined all sorts of adventures. When she was a teenager, she wrote stories for English class assignments and for fun. Reading, writing, hiking and rock hounding were her teen passions. When she became an adult, she did what every adult does…she got a job. She worked in an office, in the insurance industry for 20 years. Her authentic self finally came out in 2004 when she started her own business teaching others to become their own authentic self. Angela became a mom and read to her daughter every day since she was days old. When her daughter was five-years-old, she asked her mom to make up a story instead of reading a book, and The Purple Frog was born.