Have You Tried a ‘Blind Date With A Book’?

Jul - 28

Have You Tried a ‘Blind Date With A Book’?

We started making up Blind Date Books in October 2014. Has it been that long already??? Since then, I’d like to think that several love matches have been made.

Have you tried a ‘Blind Date With A Book’?
The books on this table are all bestsellers from all over the store, written by both female & male Authors, there is a wide variety of genres, they are a great, fun way to try something outside your actual range of reading, there is no judging a book by its cover & these blind dates won’t stand you up & you may fall in love with some new authors. We always try to put enough information on the front of our “Blind Dates with A Book” so that you don’t accidentally buy one you’ve already read, but should this happen let us know right away & you can exchange it for another one. Please, no book credits on these already specially priced books. There are blind dates for Young Adults and even a few for middle-graders. Blind dates that are written by Canadian authors have a maple leaf on them.

Lately, our customers have been getting really creative and sending us pictures of the special places they have gone on their Blind Date With A Book.

The look-off with a bottle of wine.
On a cabin patio with a cold drink

We really enjoy seeing our Blind Date Books out and about. Where will you be taking yours???

We have even had some reviews sent in about our Blind Date Books. Most of the reviews were normal book reviews. But one of the reviews was done as if the person was on a real date!!! Very Creative. She was our first customer to buy a Blind Date with a Book on October 9th- 2014 and we asked her for all the juicy details/gossip about her ‘date’ and this is what she sent us:

Thank-you BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK. My local bookstore, Dartmouth Book Exchange, has a wonderful table called BLIND DATE NIGHT, where you buy a book for $5.00 – the “blind date” catch is that the book is wrapped in brown paper, with a few clues to the treasure contained inside. I was the first customer to purchase one, and my clues were “1- his first book in a series; 2- New York Times Bestseller; 3-about a doctor; 4- set in a village in Northern Ireland”. Well, I started my blind date on a rainy afternoon and before I knew it, I was in bed with An Irish Country Doctor. Written by Patrick Taylor, the back cover says the book “… is a charming and engrossing tale that will captivate readers from the very first page — and leave them yearning to visit the Irish countryside of days gone by.” I must say that my Blind Date Night has turned into a full-blown love affair – and I am in love with not one, not two, but three men at the same time – the first is Dr. Barry Laverty, the new arrival in Ballybucklebo, Ireland; the second is his employer, Dr. Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly; and the third is the author, Patrick Taylor! I look forward to purchasing and reading the other books in this series. Thank you, Amy, Sue, and the others at Dartmouth Book Exchange, for such a novel idea – pun fully intended!

Blind Date Books make great gifts- especially Secret Santa Gifts.

Our Blind Date Books at Christmas have Christmas Tags on them
Blind Date Books near Valentine’s
Blind Date Books near St. Patrick’s Day
Blind Date Books at Halloween
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