Feb - 18


We sell popular/bestseller fiction (mass market paperbacks) for half the cover price or a bulk price of 3 for $12.00.  That could be an extra savings of up to $6.00 for 3 books. Bestselling authors include Lee Child, Harlen Coben, Jeffrey Deaver, James Patterson, James Rollins, Patricia Cornwell, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Lisa Jackson to name a few.  Bulk prices cannot be combined with book credits.


2 Replies to “Fiction-Bestsellers”

  1. I’m looking for Sandra Brown books. Exclusive, Fat Tuesday, Unspeakable, The Alibi, Standoff, Envy, The Crush, Chill Factor, Ricochet, Smash Cut, Rainwater, Tough Customer. All in paperback.

    1. We have a discounted paperback copy of Unspeakable for $2-. I will set it behind the counter for you.

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