Feeling the Love on Canadian Independent Bookstore Day

The last Saturday in April every year is Independent Bookstore Day and boy were we feeling the love on April 29th!

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Artwork by Illustrator and Artist Alexander MacAskill

We had two authors visit the store for the first time. Daphne Greer came in from Newport Landing and signed copies of her books including her new middle-grade release Jacob’s Dilemma. Morgan Jessome also visited and signed copies of her brand new young adult novel The Real Me and The Real You. Feeling the Love.

“When we’re on the road, we seek out good books and new-to-us bookstores in cities and towns we visit. We’ve bent our driving routes so we could visit not-quite-on-the-way bookstores, and we’ve even planned entire trips because we wanted to visit a certain bookstore. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.” Page 129

― Anne Bogel, I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life
Daphne Greer
Morgan Jessome

We also had local authors Deanna Foster, author of Fortunes of Madness visit, along with Jacqueline Halsey, author of several titles including her middle-grade novel Piper. Richard Levangie, author of Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve even dropped us off a box of donuts Saturday. Feeling the Love

Several children enjoyed hunting for the items on our scavenger hunt and when they found them all, received a picture book for their efforts. We had well over 80 customers walk through our door, some for the very first time. Feeling the Love.

“I can tell you why I inhale books like oyxgen: I am grateful for my one life, but I’d prefer to live a thousand—and my favorite books allow me to experience more on the page than I ever could in my actual life.”

― Anne Bogel, I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life
#IndieBookStoreDay Scavenger Hunt

We were feeling the love online as well. On Instagram, Tiffany of snacks.and.paperbacks posted a wonderful video she made of the store Saturday titled: Come with me to visit an independent bookstore!

On Facebook:

On Friday night, Historical Romance Writer, Michelle Helliwell wrote:

Tomorrow is Canadian #IndependentBookstoreDay. There are so many great bookstores in our area, but I wanted to give a special shout out to the Dartmouth Book Exchange. If you’ve followed me or other local Halifax based authors, you know what a soft spot we have for this magical place. Why do I love it so much?

If DBEX were a romance trope, she would be the overlooked heroine. A non-descript building on the outside, away from the sparkling balls and fancy parties of the downtown. Until you open the door, walk in and you are wowed. There are new books, new to you books, blind date books. Scary books, Knight in shining armour books, and my favourite – kissing books! And you will, I promise, fall in love with her because you won’t be able to help yourself

I live an hour away and yet, DBEX is still a destination for me, and not just because of the stock, but because of the staff. As an author, I might walk in there with books for the store to sell, but as a reader I always walk out with a handful of new ones (clever trick!). They have a dedicated clientele and no wonder – the Dartmouth Book Exchange feels like home. And they do something that is almost singular…they welcome, and celebrate local romance authors, which makes this place even more special for me.

So tomorrow, if you’re in the Halifax-Dartmouth area, if you can get to the Dartmouth Book Exchange, you’ll find lots of fun stuff going on. But any day is a great day to visit! Feeling the Love.

Jane Doucet, author of Fishnets & Fantasies had this to say: Happy Canadian Independent Bookstore Day!

When I self-published The Pregnant Pause in 2017, I was an unknown indie author. While all of the bookstores I approached agreed to carry my debut novel, it was the indies who showed me the most love—especially Sue Slade at Dartmouth Book Exchange—and I can’t thank them enough for their early, and ongoing, support as Nimbus Publishing and Vagrant Press prepares to rerelease The Pregnant Pause with a new cover (any day now!) and launch my third novel this fall. Feeling the Love.

Kelly Boyce, author of several Historical Romances posted this: Today is #IndependentBookstoreDay. While I love all bookstores of all kinds, there is something really special about the independent bookstore. They always feel more hands-on. As an author, when I walk into one, my first thought is always ‘you get me!’. They understand writers, especially indie authors, and the support you get from indie bookstores is invaluable. My favourite indie bookstore is Dartmouth Book Exchange. They have been a HUGE support to me and other local authors in the area. So, if you’re in the HRM area, definitely swing on it and get lost in the stacks. And if you’re not in the HRM area, hunt down the indie bookstores in your area and show them some love. We’d be lost without them, and it’s crazy loads of fun to get lost within them. Feeling the Love.

Richard Levangie posted: My little book, Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve, was released by a tiny publisher in the middle of a pandemic, and that should have been the end of the story. But it sold well through three printings because three independent booksellers Dartmouth Book Exchange, Woozles, and Carrefour Atlantique Emporium—gave it the care and attention that every writer deserves. I am THAT grateful. Thank you, thank you.

Do what you can for them today and every day. Happy #IndependentBookstoreDay! Feeling the Love.

Authors have a way with words. Bretton Loney, author of Joe Howe’s Ghost had this to say Friday night: On the eve of Canadian Independent Bookstore Day (Sat. April 29th) a heartfelt thank you to my four favourite independent bookstores in Nova Scotia for their support, their advice and for giving readers a wonderful place to browse and buy real, physical books.
I tip my ink-stained fedora to: Dartmouth Book Exchange, NovelTea Books & Gifts, Carrefour Atlantic and Agricola Street Books. Take some time Saturday to enjoy these fine shops. Feeling the Love.

New York Times Bestseller Donna Alward posted:

Independent Bookstore Day is coming on Saturday and peeps in the HRM (or if you’re coming to Halifax) should check out the Dartmouth Book Exchange. Selection of used books is great, staff is wonderful, and they carry frontlist of local authors. They are a tremendous support to authors and I’m always thrilled to support them in return! Feeling the Love.

Anne Louise O’Connell: If you’re making a list of bookstores to visit tomorrow to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day, another of our local favourites is Dartmouth Book Exchange. They have many OC Publishing titles including Orange Kitty and the Mouse Parade (EM Gales), Shanti Fights for Her Rights (Marcia E. Barss), all of the Lily’s Adventures series (Cindy Tingley), and more! Pop by, say hi and I know you’ll love it and leave with a big bag full of books. Feeling The Love.