Book Signing with Children’s Author Cindy Tingley Sunday, December 9th 12-3pm

Dartmouth Book Exchange is pleased to welcome Local Children’s Author Cindy Tingley, author of Lily’s Secret. Lily’s Secret is the first in a series of children’s books told from the perspective of Lily, the pint-sized donkey who carries Mary, heavy with child, to the manger where Jesus is born. We are so excited to host this event right before Christmas, during all the hustle and bustle when it may be “easy to forget the true meaning of the celebration and that it’s not just about one day”.

Lily’s Secret is the story of a little donkey named Lily, who has a secret. One day Lily is visited by an angel, who tells her of a child, a Saviour, who will be born, and Lily is the one chosen to take his mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph, to Bethlehem.

Lily is frightened because she’s been told she’s too little to do anything important. She draws strength from her faith and overcomes her fears and self-doubt, to safely carry Mary and Jesus, the unborn child, to their destination, and beyond.