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Oct - 25

Happy 65th Anniversary

On October 15th, 1952 Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White was first published.  My son’s class read it last year.  I remember reading it for the first time in Grade 2. …

Sep - 07

First day of school has arrived!!!

First day of school has arrived!!! Good morning from the staff at Dartmouth Book Exchange. For those of you with school-aged kids… congratulations for getting them out the door with…

Sep - 01

Cowboy in a Basket

It’s the first day of September and Still Moments Magazine has given us another basket of books to draw for at the end of the month. The theme of this…

Aug - 26

Romance In A Basket

5 days until the draw for the “Romance In A Basket” from Still Moments Magazine.  Have you come in & filled out a ballot for it yet???  Lots of goodies…

Aug - 12

Happy 57th Anniversary

Dr. Seuss’ Publisher bet him that he could not write a book using 50 or fewer different words.  The result: Green Eggs and Ham which was released on August 12th-1960.

Jul - 27

Romance in a Basket

Romance in a Basket Still Moments Magazine has brought us a Gift Basket. We are pleased to say that Dartmouth Book Exchange is being Spotlighted in their very first monthly…

Jul - 13

Canada Reads

I have added some new Canada Reads to our Canada Reads Table including Birdie by Tracey Lindberg (2016), Bone & Bread by Saleema Nawaz (2016) The Break by Katherena Vermette…

Jun - 15

Summer Table

We just changed over our Seasonal Table to Summer.  Here you’ll find your Beach, Deck or Cottage reads.  Just click on the Summer Table’s picture on our Home Page to…

Mar - 12

Happy 60th Anniversary!!! 

On March 12, 1957, Dr.Seuss unleashed The Cat In The Hat onto an unsuspecting & innocent world and we haven’t been the same since. Happy 60th Anniversary!!!

Feb - 23

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd.  Did you know he would have been 113 this year?  While he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the pages…

Feb - 19

Heritage Day/Family Day

Please note we will be closed on Monday February 20, 2017 for Nova Scotia’s 3rd Annual Heritage Day. We will resume normal hours Tuesday February 21, 2017.

Jan - 31

Happy Birthday Judy Blume

Judy Blume Celebrates her 78th Birthday Feb 12th. Some of her best known works are Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret , Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing ,…

Jan - 25

Have an Orange Marmalade Day

On January 13- Michael Bond, Author of the children’s series Paddington Bear, turned 91.  To celebrate read some of his books, watch the movie & have an Orange Marmalade Day…

Jan - 19

Berkley Crime/ Cozy Mysteries

We have a large, growing section of Cozy Mysteries/Berkley Crimes in our store. The crime-solver in a cozy mystery is usually a woman who is an amateur sleuth. The occupations…

Dec - 29

Theme Table

Our “Themed Table” has changed again.  Can you guess what the theme is now???  As always if you have any suggestions for upcoming themes just let us know.

Dec - 18

Happy Birthday Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown, Author of the Flat Stanley series, would have turned 91 on January 1st, 2017  (Jan 1st 1926-Dec 3rd 2003)   The Flat Stanley books are quite popular in…

Dec - 01

Other Holiday Traditions

Have you been invited to participate in a cookie exchange this Holiday Season?  We have several cookie cookbooks in our store that would be perfect for you.

Dec - 01

December Book Tradition

Welcome December.  Does your family have a favourite December book tradition?  A book a day is a fun way to countdown to Christmas.  Just wrap 24 books, they can be…

Nov - 20

The Halifax Explosion

On December 6th, it will have been 99 years since the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship laden with high explosives, collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the…

Oct - 28

A Helpful New Basket

A helpful new basket now sits on the counter for our customers.  It says:  Did you forget your glasses. Feel free to borrow a pair of ours.

Oct - 16

Happy Birthday Gordan Korman

Canadian Author, Gordon Korman turns 53 on October 23rd.  He is the Author of more than 80 Children’s & Young Adult Fiction books.  A number 1 New York Times Bestselling…

Sep - 15

New shelves

It’s coming along. The new shelves are looking great, wouldn’t you agree? They hold a lot more then our old shelves did & they will also hold oversized books. So,…

Sep - 13

Happy 100th Birthday Roald Dahl

September 13th would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday, the author who entertained children (and adults) with classics like Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, while Dahl died in 1990,…

Sep - 12

Excuse Our Mess

Good morning from the staff at Dartmouth Book Exchange. You may have noticed, if you have been in recently, that there are a lot of boxes of books stacked around…

Sep - 08

First day of school has arrived!!!

Good morning from the staff at Dartmouth Book Exchange. For those of you with school-aged kids… congratulations for getting them out the door with their lunches & backpacks stuffed full…

Jul - 25

Canada Reads Table

We have added a brand new table in our store.  This table is full of books that have been selected as winners of CBC’s Canada Reads.  Here you’ll find books…

Jun - 16

Summer Seasonal Table

In hopes that our weather will improve I changed over our Seasonal table from Spring to Summer early. The table now contains a great selection of books for your summer…

May - 24

Happy Birthday Margaret Wise Brown!

Happy Birthday Margaret Wise Brown, Author of the popular children’s book: Goodnight Moon.  Her Birthday was yesterday, May 23rd- she would have been 106 years old. Celebrate by reading one…

May - 12

Brand New Theme Table

We have a brand new theme table in our store. The table’s content will completely change every few months to a new theme. Have an idea for an upcoming theme-…

May - 04

May the Fourth Be With You

May the Fourth be with you!!! We have more than 30 different Star Wars books in our Science Fiction room, plus several sets. We also have a shelf of Children’s…

Apr - 29

Historical Romance Section

Do you enjoy reading romance novels in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past?  Well, we have a large section in our store that is…

Apr - 22

Our Spring Table

It’s such a beautiful Spring Day, & Sue did such a great job on our Gardening Gift Bag, as well as the Spring Seasonal Table, I thought I’d share an…

Apr - 13

Hi! Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Tedd Arnold won the Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor Award for his book “Hi! Fly Guy”, which is the first in a series of funny and silly books featuring Buzz and…

Apr - 07

Beverly Cleary turns 100

Beverly Cleary turns 100 years old Tuesday, April 12th & it’s the perfect time to Celebrate & read one of her books or series to your child/ren.  From the adventures…

Apr - 06

A Cat In The Hat Snack

This afternoon you could read Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat In The Hat” with your Kids/Grandkids and have this fun & nutritious Cat In The Hat snack. You just need Grapes,…

Mar - 13

Our Updated Spring Table

With the time springing forward today I thought I would update our Seasonal Table to all things Spring, with a focus on Irish themed books in celebration of St. Patrick’s…

Mar - 02

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

March 2 is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Did you know he would be 112 this year? While he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on…

Feb - 03

Valentine’s Day Special

From now until Valentine’s Day buy 4 Contemporary, Erotic or Historical Romance (Trade Paperbacks or Hardcovers) for $24.00. That’s a savings of up to $8.00.

Jan - 27

Christian Amish Fiction

In 1997, The Shunning by Beverly Lewis, ushered in a new subgenre of Christian fiction. Since then Christian Amish fiction has exploded. Nicknamed “bonnet books” by fans because of the…

Jan - 21


Dartmouth Book Exchange has just had an influx of westerns come in. Series such as Stagecoach Station by Hank Mitchum, Gunsmith by J.R Roberts, Trailman by Jon Sharpe & Lone…

Jan - 18

Great Books

“Some books you read.  Some books you enjoy.  But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul”- Joanne Harris

Jan - 12

Winter Weather

We prefer our customers to stay safe during winter weather- always call ahead to see if we are open when it’s snowing. If the roads are bad we may have…

Dec - 02

Four Gift Rule

Have you heard of the Four Gift Rule for Kids at Christmas??? Get one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing they wear and one thing they read.

Nov - 26

Winter Table

With the temperature dropping & flurries in the air, we decided to update our Seasonal Table to all things Winter.  You will now find Winter stories for the Preschool to…

Nov - 04

Our Updated Autumn Table

With Halloween over, and Remembrance Day just around the corner, we’ve updated our Autumn Table. All Halloween/Scary books have been replaced with all things Remembrance Day, War, and Military; so come…

Sep - 22

Autumn Table

I just updated our Seasonal Table to all things Autumn, Halloween & Scary.  The table includes books for the preschooler to the Adult.

Sep - 21

Thanksgiving Cookbook Sale

3 days until Thanksgiving. Tired of cooking the same thing every year? Or are you hosting the big event for the first time? Or just wanting to try something new?…

Sep - 17

We have a New Table!!!

The next time you enter our store- you will notice a new table right in front. This table is full of Nova Scotia Authors. Some are born & bred Bluenosers.…

Sep - 03

First Day Of School Has Arrived

Good morning from the staff at Dartmouth Book Exchange. For those of you with school-aged kids… congratulations for getting them out the door with their lunches & backpacks stuffed full…

Aug - 16

“Blind Date with a Book”

The books on our “Blind Date with a Book” table are all bestsellers from all over the store, written by both female & male Authors, there is a wide variety…

Jul - 06

British Authors

Did you know we have a section in our Bookstore devoted to British Authors??? In this section you will find Authors such as Josephine Cox, Helen Forrester, Erica James, Marcia…

Jun - 18

Seasonal Table

I just updated our “Seasonal Table” from Spring To Summer.  On this table you will find all sorts of Summer & Beach reads.

Jun - 14

First In A Series Baskets

Looking to start a new series???  We now have baskets containing 1st books in a series for Fiction, Berkley Crime, Paranormal, Contemporary & Historical Romance.

May - 02

Baby Showers

A customer that had been invited to a Baby Shower came in Thursday.  She was asked to not buy a card, but to buy a Children’s Book and sign it instead.…